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Becoming a Champion of the 60 Hour Adventure (A Guide to Weekend Warrior-ing)

What is The Sixty-Hour Adventure

We live in a world of constraints: time, money, location—they all determine what we can do;  who we can be. But for sixty hours every weekend, we are free. The question is, what will we do with those sixty hours? Will we squander them away? Or will we step into the void and discover what it means to be alive? Once the clock strikes 5pm on Friday, we can challenge ourselves to make the most out of every moment until 9am on Monday. You’ll be surprised to see just how much you can accomplish in those sixty hours.

A year ago, I had never set foot on a mountain before—or hiked for more than an hour. One of my biggest fears was and still is, is my fear of heights. Up until recently, even the thought of using a ladder scared me. Then, Chris Brinlee, Jr. and our friend Hilary Matheson took me for a scramble up Tricouni Peak outside of Squamish; not far from where I lived in Seattle. The experience left me terrified, but feeling oh-so-alive. The next weekend, it was my first trip backpacking in the wilderness, for two days. The Sunday after that Chris took me rock climbing for the first time—outside. Climbing up terrified me. The feeling after topping out and lowering down, however, left me unequivocally elated.