Big leap of faith


I have always welcomed fear with open arms and a huge smile on my face. Today, I am welcoming one of my most frightening experiences yet, with arms wide open. Today, I say goodbye to my day job and having a steady income, so as to pursue something I love and cherish full-time. Today, I put my all into my adventures, my modeling, and to growing. 

I am a strong believer in doing things that scare us the most because those are the experiences that will teach us more than we can ever hope for. While playing it safe can get you where you want to be down the road, it’s important to grow and to push yourself. It’s important to break, renew, and restart! While most people see breaking down as something downright negative, I think it’s one of the most precious experiences a person can undergo. The opportunity to breakdown gives you a chance to renew your values, your goals, and to renew yourself as a person. 

Two years ago, I remember coming home one night, exhausted and at the brink of tears, thinking to myself, "there has to be more to me than this."

I finally broke down. 

There has to be more than work, school and homework; there has to be more love. More happiness. You've had this feeling, yea?

You guys always hear me say, "Get comfortable with being real uncomfortable." Two years ago, I made a really uncomfortable decision: I chose to prioritize modeling. Despite people telling me I'm too short; despite people telling me I won't make it. In spite of it all, I signed with two of the top agencies in Seattle. As of recent, I made yet another uncomfortable decision to find purpose in my career outside the confinements of the studio. I spent more and more time chasing the sun, and less time hunting down a florescent light. 

And today, well, this is the most uncomfortable decision of them all.

Taking this huge leap of faith into the unknown, not knowing if I will land on my feet or my face; not knowing what tomorrow will bring. I've got a huge smile on my face, and I'm scared shitless. I am excited to open this new chapter in my life, and if I break down in the middle, then all the more for it. 

I'm excited to continue my uncomfortable story.