Finding Depth

I can barely recognize myself. Can you?

The first picture was taken four years ago, when all I wanted to do was to sign with the biggest and the baddest modeling agency in Seattle. I thought that being represented by an agency would get me more work and make me happy. And so I did. I signed with not one, but two of Seattle's top. But they told me I wasn't good enough for anything more than shoe modeling. For a moment I thought that was okay.

And then that moment passed.

I realized I wanted more. And so I made a conscious effort to make changes. I wasn't getting enough work while waiting for my agencies to put me out there. And so I hustled myself, emailing at least ten photographer per day asking to collaborate. I would then drive for hours on end to get to wherever they were so I could shoot. And I shot. Everyday, at sunrise and sunset. I shot beautiful dresses in beautiful places, proving my agencies wrong and working more. In that moment I was happy.

And then that moment passed.







I realized I wanted to grow and move away from, what was for me, a one dimensional world. I was 24 years old and I had never done anything that scared me. I never took the time to learn something new. I never pushed my body to the extremes. I never experienced true pain, nor had I experienced pure joy. So I set off on a journey where I could experience both; proving to myself that I was not just a pretty face. I found depth.

How many moments passed until you found your path?