Priya Mareedu is The Wild Indian Girl

Not content with the trappings of life’s status quo, she left the security of her law office job behind to pursue modeling full-time. Despite signing with Seattle’s top agency and shooting campaigns for Fortune-500 companies and boutiques alike, her heart begged for something more.

Priya’s longing led to wild places within which she could shoot—yielding a unique juxtaposition of beauty and grace contrasted by rugged open spaces. There she discovered the means to create scenes that were dynamic and captivating, though the experiences were lacking. She hungered for more depth: a richness of experience that could only be found while fully engaged in the outdoors. So began her transition into the adventure lifestyle space.

Priya brings years of expertise and modeling experience, combined with an insatiable thirst for personal growth to her outdoor clients—yielding results that are as authentic as they are dynamic and poised.

Meanwhile, Priya lends her voice as a champion for women and ethnic minorities in the outdoors with her message of self-empowerment through adventure.

Home Base: Seattle, WA | Age: 25



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